JC BUCKMAN Massage Gun with Belt

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JC BUCKMAN Massage Gun with Belt: High-Frequency Deep Tissue Massage Gun, Relieve Muscle Fatigue, Comprehensive Massage Technique, 6 Massage Heads and Belt with Knots, Smart Temperature Control, Dual Mode and 6 Adjustable Speed levels, 1500 mAh Battery

  • 6 Massage Heads: Six different massage head attachments provide specialized massage for all body parts.
  • Belt with Knots: Vibration belt with knots provides deep tissue massage to the full body from head to toe. Its powerful lateral vibration technique can be applied to both soft tissue and hard tissue to relieve pain and improve circulation.
  • 6 Speed Levels: Six speed levels can be easily  adjusted by one button.
  • 2 Modes: 
    • High Frequency Vibration: High frequency vibration provides deep tissue massage, comprehensive and precise relief, Quickly breaks down lactic Acid and can relieve muscle fatigue.
    • Full Body Use: Easily massage all muscles in the body Hand, Shoulder, Waist and Legs.

Peace of Mind:  With a 3 months JC Buckman warranty you are assured that if anything goes wrong we are always there for you.

Best in Class  Specifications:   

Model No.


Product Name

Massage Gun With Belt

Massage head

6 Attachments




6 speed levels


1500 mAh




14.5 * 24.5 cm



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