JC Buckman RefreshUs is another amazing Massage Chair with Head Massager. Its heat therapy, Zero Gravity and Extendable footrest are added built in features for extra comforting.

RefreshUS Massage Chair

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JC Buckman ElateUs by JC Buckman is an Amazing 4D Massage Chair with the rollers technology of going up and down, side to side, back and forth with adjusted speed. A few other specifications of the product are its LED touch screen, extendable footrest for better circulation, back heating that increases the flow of oxygen to back muscles, and much more.

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JC Buckman first made waves in the Healthy Lifestyle Market back in 2017. We have since grown to become Pakistan's largest platform for Healthy Lifestyle products. Our Articles include Massage chairs, Treadmills, Shoulder Massagers, Seat Massagers, Handheld Massager, Air Purifier, Foot and Thigh Massagers, Smart Body Shapers etc. Our vision was to introduce the safest and cost-efficient best healthy lifestyle articles in Pakistan. The team works tirelessly to not only provide the best shopping experience but also provide efficient customer service because of this we had won the award for the brand of the year in 2020. Whether you shop at JC Buckman at our online store or at our retail we can guarantee you a smooth shopping experience and the best customer service.

JC Buckman ActiveUs Treadmill
Rs.229,000.00 PKR Regular price Rs.309,000.00


We are delighted that JC Buckman has won Brand of The Year 2020. Award was given by jury for fulfilling many criteria including below:
-Consumer Care
-Degree of innovation
-Distinction from the competition

We would like to thank you, our valuable customers for your continued trust and confidence in us.



Fitness is the key element for a sportsperson. I Sana Mir have found JC Buckman healthy Lifestyle product very effective. The massage chair is the best choice for relieving muscular stiffness after spending long days in the field.

Sana Mir

Being a show biz personality I need to be presentable all the time. But it's hard to find time to exercise in the line of my work. So I have chosen JC Buckman Healthy Lifestyle products to keep myself fit for the screen.

Ahsan Khan

We singers and songwriters have very limited time for fitness activities. Thanks to JC Buckman, I maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Zeb Bangash

I take a lot of road trips due to which my muscles do get tense. Thanks to a wonderful gift from JC Buckman, now I have a handy Mini Massager  JoyUs that I can carry during my road trips.

Rumman Raees

We usually have a very hectic and stressful routine during the cricket match season. Thanks to a very useful handy mini massager JoyUs by JC Buckman, now I can enjoy a relaxing massage whenever I want.

Haider Azhar

Thank you JC Buckman for an incredible mini massager JoyUs. It is an effective mini massager for relaxing muscles and re-energizing. I recommend it highly to all having a desk job.

Tariq Saeed

Mr. Mehboob Sultan is feeling Relaxed and Enjoying JC Buckman Massage Chair

Mahboob Sultan

The lifestyle of a model and television star is a full-time job. I came across a JC Buckman outlet as I was shopping in the mall. I tried their healthy lifestyle products and found them very effective and economical.

Areeba Habib

Sana Mir